Monday, January 21, 2008


We're trying to use less energy, both to save money (the smilingsmilingsmiling wiped us out) and to be better global citizens.

Our cars are both guzzlers (Jeep Wrangler and Kia Sedona), but they're still in good condition and we're not going to replace them anytime soon. So we're driving more thoughtfully, making less trips. And, as I said in the post below, I'm going to try to find a way to get to Nearby U by taking mass transit. There may not be a way, but I'm going to look for it. If there is no way to do it now...well, the smilingsmilingsmiling had to be good for something, more transportation alternatives might just be it!

Our house has dual-zone heating so whatever area we're not using gets the heat turned down to 50 F. And we're keeping the areas we are using down around 67 F. But our thermostat's not all that precise. I'm going to get us all some long johns to wear under our pjs and turn the heat down farther when we're in bed.

We're turning off lights and, even better, not turning them all on in the first place.

And we're planning...what car(s) will we get to replace our current ones? How much car do we really need for the driving we do? When our appliances need to be replaced, what's the best thing to replace them with? How much would it cost to put in more insulation, or a solar system for some of our electricity? Should we downsize to a smaller house? We have a boat-load of computers running all. the. time. Most of those are necessary servers for various business functions, but maybe we can double 'em up? But that would require a block of dedicated time, and that, my friends, is not to be found at the moment....

What are you thinking about?


Madeleine said...

We're thinking about this stuff too and planning to have an energy audit done. We have a limited amount of money to spend and we're wondering if we'll get more impact from insulating the roof or replacing the compromised double-pane windows or better doors or . . . . My goal is to save energy and money, but also to not be as cold! Our upstairs is colder than downstairs, so something is terribly wrong.

We've got an aging car and are thinking about a hybrid for the next one. Big upfront price to pay, but if we (relatively comfortable, environmentally aware) aren't doing it, who will?

liz said...

We're thinking Hybrid, too. But ideally we'd like a plug-in hybrid (if they ever make one!) Or a hybrid Fit (ditto!) Otherwise, we're thinking Prius, or something like that.

Magpie said...

50 at night and you think about going lower? You're a tough one.

We have an electronic thermostat - I think it works really well. It can have four settings a day, each day of the week. We have it set one way for the weekdays and another for the weekends. They aren't that expensive to buy, and I think they pay for themselves quickly.

I kind of think I need a new down comforter though.

Yankee T said...

Prius. I'm thinking Prius for my next car. We have down comforters on the beds of all who aren't allergic, and (gasp)electric blankets for those who are, with the understanding that once the bed is heated up, the blanket goes off. And we're going to take the new windows plunge this year, if we have the moolah. We've gone with the better light bulbs, too.
It's tough.