Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A thought on skirts

So, I'm working in DC for a month. Thus, there are things of which I must take advantage. For example: Shoe repair shops. There is one 4 blocks from where I work. My boots are going there tomorrow.

Which brings me to skirts.

I love skirts. When they are the right kind.

I know the right kind of skirt when I see it.

Generally it doesn't fit me.

The skirt I want is brown wool, but not a suit skirt. I want one to wear with my brown not-quite-riding-boots and brown tights.

It's long enough to cover the tops of the boots.

Maybe it has buttons down the side, I don't know.

What I do know is that it is brown and made of wool. I know this because I want to knit it.

Which means I am insane.

Are there even any patterns for knitting your own skirt? Can someone who can't even sew KNIT her own skirt?

Help me, my friends! Can I knit a skirt? And if so, do you have a pattern?


Magpie said...

I think this is a matter for the google. But I know I've seen patterns to knit skirts.

S. said...

Yes, but patterns for knit skirts are usually for miniskirts for a reason. The challenge is going to be to knit one that's as long as you want it but isn't too heavy to wear and keep its shape. I know you're not a very big person, but any long skirt involves a lot of fabric, and fabric created with the thickness of yarn that people knit with (as opposed to machines) tends to be heavy enough that the weight of it is going to distort the garment over time. You'll have to plan to store it flat, for sure.

But as for patterns, this is one where you'll benefit from writing your own, because you can decide where the shaping should be based on your own body.

Quinn said...

I'm currently crocheting my own skirt (first project that is an article of clothing for myself... that's not a hat or scarf). Keep me posted on your project and I'll do likewise!

Angie said...

I know of a woman who has knittd many clothes in the past but she used a knitting machine ( a big one) and really fine yarns. Good luck!

ccw said...

I can only sew buttons so I am useless for making an actual garment.

Skirts that fit off the rack are difficult to find when you are short. My legs are stubs, I need something to elongate me.

hamiam said...

First, I am a domestic failure when it comes to sewing/knitting/croheting/etc so I can't say. Good luck!

Second - I know that you're temping, but I'm curious as to the job you are doing - and is it just over semester break or are you going to continue while in school too?

kathy a. said...

i can't knit. but i once had a machine-knitted dress that turned out to be nothing but trouble -- heavy, clinging inappropriately in some places and droopish at the bottom, and it made my slip ride up until it was wadded around my hips and waist.

should you decide to learn sewing, a wrap skirt is the easiest thing on earth to start with. or, maybe you have a sewing friend who will trade making your perfect skirt for something you knit.

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