Monday, January 21, 2008

Transportation update

There's no way for me to take public transportation to Nearby U that isn't either too expensive or too complicated or too long.

  • The simplest route (two buses) takes an hour on the first bus to almost all the way to DC, then over an hour on the second bus to work my way back West to Nearby U and it costs $7.35 each way.
  • The cheapest route is $3.65 each way, but it requires driving 25 minutes to the bus, taking a bus, a train, and another bus - ending up with about a 2 hour commute. And it doesn't have a bus coming back until 4:00.
  • All the other routes require driving, three buses and just as much time and a bit more meandering.


I guess I'm driving.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

That's a big bummer.

Gary Oxford said...

Does Nearby U. have a Ride Share office or carpooling website or bulletin board?

kathy a. said...

what gary said. carpooling could be great.

liz said...

Looking into it! But I'm anxious that my strange sked will scare the 'poolers away.

Jonas said...

I was trying to think of something... Like a really clever punne.. Something witty.. But, nothing came to mind.. So.. That sucks, sorry to hear. But i hope you in yourself are ok.