Saturday, November 22, 2008

Posts from the deep....

I found this one sitting there in Drafts from April 1st.

Working title was "I'm probably going to hell"

So...Lego Star Wars. We've finished the first set (eps 1 - 3) and are now working our way through the second set (eps 4 - 6). House rules are no screen time if MM gets a strike at school.

Guess who has gotten maybe three strikes since we got the PS2 two months ago? Guess who stops whining immediately if we threaten no screen time?

Weekdays, we play one chapter after school. Weekends, we'll play one chapter in the morning and one in the afternoon.

MM is no couch potato, btw, he acts as though it's a Wii - jumping, dodging from side-to-side. It's truely adorable to watch.

Plus he's figuring out lots of puzzles.

I feel like a

And that's where it ended. I don't remember what I felt I was, judging from the working title, it had to have been something with no redeeming social value. I wonder what it was.

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