Friday, June 06, 2008

As seen at Ham-I-Am

Capture the Moment. Rules: Take a picture of yourself RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

Hi! Please to notice that it is right humid here abouts. Thus the little curlies.

And here is a picture of me from yesterday.

I was soaked. Just a few moments before, I was standing under a waterfall thing at the Amusement Park while MM got dumped on.


Madeleine said...

So Beautiful!

And I love your little curlies.

My word verification is:

I think that means you are a mini vixen.

Ramblin' Red said...

Lovin' it!!

Note- yesterday it poured and poured rain, and I had no chance of straightening my hair, so I had my own little curlies too. I like to mix it up from time to time ;)