Sunday, June 22, 2008

I can predict the future

MM is in Posh Place's summer camp. Their summer camp is basically four field trips a week with one day back at the Posh Place building doing a cooking project and playing in the fun sprinkler garden.

Last week - Thursday, in fact - the field trip was to the entry-level casino otherwise known as CEC (y'know, the place with the pizza and the very large singing rat). That morning I said, "Oh fireplace! He's going to CEC. He'll have a cold by Saturday."

We've emptied 5 boxes of tissues since yesterday. His nose is red and crusty and it has a constant flow of green goop coming from it. Thank God he's adept at blowing his own nose and likes the idea of carrying a box of tissues around with him.

Still, he has no fever. He's cheerful and energetic. The only symptom he's got is his oozing nose. So I'm sending him to camp tomorrow with a big pack o' Kleenex (tm) and antiseptic wipes. And chapstick. And I'll keep him home from camp the next time they go to that germ-infested starter home for gamblers.


susan said...

What a weird place for a field trip (CG went on a field trip to a pet shop last summer, which I thought was equally odd)

kathy a. said...

oh, a pet shop sounds like a great field trip! i once chaparoned a field trip to the produce department of the local supermarket, and that turned out to be actually kind of interesting.

CEC has been annoying parents and making kids hyper, if not germ-infested, for way too long. i was really glad when the local one closed.