Monday, June 02, 2008

Ruminating on my hair

When I got accepted to Nearby U., I stopped cutting my hair. I wanted to grow it long for graduation and grow it long I did.

In November of 2005, my hair looked much like it does in the photo that is my avatar over there on the right. Maybe just a bit shorter.

Today it hangs down past the middle of my back.

I had planned to cut it right after graduation and donate it to Locks of Love or similar organization. But it's been two weeks and I still have it on my head. I'm not ready to give it up.

I was trying to figure out why. Why am I not ready to cut off this hot, heavy hair? Today I figured it out. Today it hit me, smack in the puss.

Because then, how will I ever get to meet Jo(e)? Only people with gorgeous long hair get to meet Jo(e). People like Phantom Scribbler! So first I need to visit Jo(e), then I can cut off my hair!!!


Anonymous said...

You might want to rethink Locks of Love or at least Google it. I was told that the organization actually sells a lot of the hair donated. I don't know if that's true or not, but it turned me off from them if it is.

jo(e) said...


Clearly, you need to plan a trip to Snowstorm City.