Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today was Primary Day here in VA

And I was at the polls for oh...about 5 hours. In 100 degree heat. Yahg.

I stayed relatively cool, though. I stayed in the shade waiting for the pathetic number of voters to show up, and had a big jug of icewater and iced juice pouches and a wet washcloth in the cooler bag with the ice packs and salted cashews to replace the saline lost through sweat and sunscreen and an umbrella.

And two books.

I was out there from 9-10:30 and from 3:30 to 7:00. The whole day, only 136 people came to vote at the precinct I was at. 56 Dems and 70 Republicans.
The wet washcloth was wonderful. It actually had little ice crystals on it!

My guy lost. I am so bummed. He tied at my precinct and he won my county, he just didn't get enough votes in the other parts of the congressional district. So we're stuck with a very nice woman who lost last time by 16 percentage points. Sigh. Though she's raised over a million dollars so maybe she's got a chance this time.

I still think my guy would have had a better chance against our Bush-lite Congressman-for-life.

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Ramblin' Red said...


I feel your pain - We were so lucky to not have a Dem primary for our congressional house seat this year (Started out that way, though with 3 Dem candidates). Go Betsy Markey and boo-hiss to Bush-lite Musgrave!