Monday, July 28, 2008


PlaceIUsedToWork seems to want me. I called up FiveMinutesFromMyHouse to let them know that I'll be getting an offer letter from PIUTW but I'd drop PIUTW in a hot New York minute if FMFMH would hire me. Pleasepleasepleaseplease I said. Well, no, actually, I didn't. But I thought it. They are going to pass the urgency up the chain and let me know.

MM and I love riding trains. Did I tell you that?

We have two zukes and several green beans a-ripening on their vines. Still no 'loupes.


Mummy/Crit said...

Wow, "in demand" is good!! Let's hope that 5mins come to their senses quick smart. I envy your vegie garden. Can't grow melons here now, too water-intensive... I grew pumpkins by accident though - funny looking ones, like a butternut in shape (peanut), but green with lighter stripes (like what we call a Jap). Flesh was bright orange like a Jap, but firmer like a butternut. I've seen them in my shop, but I can't remember what they're called.

Magpie said...

nice to feel wanted.

i'm anticipating 'loupes but no fruit yet.

Gary said...

Here's hoping FMFMH comes up with an offer tout de suite.

How do you have only 2 zucchinis? I didn't know it was possible to keep their numbers in the single digits.

Ali said...

A garden... A garden big enough for 'loupes... Hell, a garden big enough for ANYTHING would be nice!

Thanks for your advice and kindness on Moxie's blog. I try to keep it dark and quiet but man, the kid KNOWS. Oy.


allison said...

I envy you those zucchs and beans. Next year, I am turning a small patch of garden into a farm for sure!
And hey, mummy/crit, I have accidental pumpkins too! Just wrote about them yesterday.