Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Fourth from a politician's wife's perspective

Tomorrow I'll be marching in the parade with the Obama section, wearing my husband's name emblazoned across my chest, holding my son's hand, and smilingsmilingsmiling.

And I'll mean it.

This country has been great and can be great again and I think Obama will help make it so.

For the past 8 years, this country has been headed by people who encouraged us to shop, fly, and drive rather than plant victory gardens, cycle, recycle, and conserve. We've had leaders who thought it more important that huge corporations get tax breaks than that children have health insurance. They've turned their backs on the suffering of flood victims and sent young men and women to die in foreign lands.

I hope that Obama will bring our young men and women back home, will face the tide of flood victims, will make sure that EVERYBODY has access to health care without having to make a choice between an electric bill and a doctor's visit. I hope that he encourages us to shop less and invest more, to buy bonds to rebuild our infrastructure (wouldn't it be great if every suburb had a subway? Wouldn't it be great if no family ever needed two cars?)

He gives me hope. I'm excited to march to support him tomorrow.

God, I hope he wins.


Scrivener said...

God, I hope so too. Hope you have a great time in the parade!

Eva said...

Have fun!

Gary said...

Hope the parade went well. As for Obama, not only do I hope he wins, but I predict he will win, and win big, in November. And before our country is ever great again, I'd settle for us being good again, more concerned about taking care of our own and less worried about being the world's savior and protector.