Saturday, July 05, 2008

It was even funner than I expected!

I know, I know. Funner's not a word. But it was! MM and I were on the truck. I decided to forego the husband's name and just wear red and blue, since yesterday was about Obama/Warner/CongressionalCandidateWhoseNameMightGiveMeAway and not about us.

Too late did I realize that I had dressed exactly the same as Muffin Man. Red shirt, dark blue shorts for him skirt for me, white socks and sneakers. Dear Lord. But then, on the parade route, I realized that there were people much more match-y than us and they had done it on purpose. I felt much better.

MS was very dapper in modified-Southern Gentleman attire. He walked behind the truck with CongressionalCandidateWhoseNameMightGiveMeAway. And we all smiled and waved, smiled and waved.

And there were tons and tons of people with Obama shirts and Warner shirts and CongressionalCandidateWhoseNameMightGiveMeAway buttons. Far fewer McCain shirts, unfortunately far MORE CurrentCongressman shirts (people 'round here really like that schmoe) and not a single Gilmore shirt or button to be seen. Hee. I think Warner might just have it in the bag.

The Republican truck had a big elephant balloon on it. "Full of hot air as usual," said the vice-chair of our committee.

After, we had coffee and muffins on the porch of our elected representatives who lives on the parade route.

And then we went home and played 5 levels of Lego Indiana Jones.


Scrivener said...

Sounds like a damn fine day.

Mummy/Crit said...

I reckon. Hey is the Lego Indiana Jones game the one on the lego site? D plays it too, and loves it.