Monday, September 15, 2008

Reason 3

Why I'm voting and walking and calling and writing for Obama/Warner/RhymesWithSeder. Part three of a series:

Tax Plan

People, our country is in deep deep financial effluvia. Now is not the time to be buying into the trickle-down theory. 'Cause what's trickling down ain't helping. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class are getting poorer.

I like Obama's tax plan. Hopefully, I'll be in the 2% that gets taxed MORE and I still like it.

I like what it does for the folks who need help, I like it a lot.

I like that it rolls back the unconsciencable Bush tax cuts for those who earn more than 250K.

I like it. I want it.

My co-worker whose family grosses more than 250K hates the Obama plan. Because she wants to buy another SUV with the money McCain will save her. Yeah. Nice. What she doesn't understand is that her taxes will probably go up under McCain because he'll tax her health care bennies. Good luck explaining it to her, I've tried.

There are so many with so little and so few with so much. I think that Obama's plan is fair and reasonable. Also, it's fiscally conservative.

Health Care, Energy, Tax Plan. Three down, more to come.

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kathy a. said...

singing another chorus, here.

the tax cuts for the richest are an abomination. so is the corporate welfare, but that is probably another topic -- even if it involves a lot of the same people.

i'm not in that 2% likely to be taxed more, but i am sick of seeing poor and middle-income people being shoved under the bus to benefit the very few.

i'd be willing to pay a bit more, if the taxation is FAIR, because it is IN MY INTEREST to get the national debt down, to provide quality public education, to maintain infrastructure, to ensure basic health care to all, to begin addressing crime in a better way than "lock 'em up or kill 'em".

at least one of the wars, i could live without. that would free up some cash for domestic priorities. yet another topic.