Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And since Susan brought it up

The Grand Sophy*!! Holy guacamole, is this ever a good book. Sophy comes to stay with her cousins who are, most of them, getting into scrapes both romantical and financial. Sophy, who has reputation for being meddlesome, dives right in and straightens everything out in an outrageously direct way.

This one should be read in a room with a skylight upon which the rain is steadily drumming.

Next up: Venetia.

*This edition, from, is the one I have.

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susan said...

And I believe this is the source of one of my favorite Heyer lines, when Sophy says, "But Charles, I never said I didn't like horses." (But I am notoriously bad a line identification these days, so I might be mixing up books But the captcha is groom, so that's a good sign, no?)