Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I know one or another of you told me

About Stephanie Meyer, but DAMN!!! Why didn't anyone TELL me about Stephanie Meyer?

Question: do I now buy the whole rest of the series at once? Or do I pretend like I have will power and buy them one at a time?


elswhere said...

Well, you could get them from the library, but there's probably a reserve line a mile long consisting of all the 14-year-old girls in town.

come to think of it-- if your kids know any 14-year-old (or thereabouts) girls, you could ask them-- one or more of them probably owns the whole set.

elswhere said...

Oh! sorry, I had a momentary flash of insanity and thought you were someone else I know with older kids. So scratch that last part, as your little muffin probably doesn't know any 14-year-old girls.

OTOH: Babysitters??

kathy a. said...

dunno -- when my daughter fell in love with authors as a teen, she jealously hoarded every single volume. the collections are in boxes under her bed, even now. she had a little difficulty loaning them to me, even though she knew where she could find me at all times.

KLee said...

Where have you been living? Under a rock? Oh, that's right! You were walking your feet into nubs for President Obama! (That tickles me to type that...:)

Buy all of them now. I have yet to buy books three and four, but I've read all of three in various trips to the bookstore. It KILLED me to have to wait when they're already out. I say if you have the ready cash, go ahead and buy them. And, go see the movie!!!:)

KLee said...

Oh, and PS -- aren't they GREAT?!?!

Someone I know called them "porn lite" for women over the age of 12.

That about covers it, don't you think?