Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lesson learned

Don't hold a political victory party in a sports bar. The speeches compete with the sound for the football games and the sports fans cheer in the wrong places.

There were a TON of Obamaniacs there, though.


ccw said...

I can see how that would be a bit distracting but I have no doubt that it was tons of fun. I celebrated at home in between talking to people on the phone. Of course I cried through the Obama's acceptance speech and even parts of McCain's concession.

liz said...

This party was last night during the Steelers game.

kathy a. said...

liz, that's great y'all had a reunion a few days in, to celebrate again!

eh, football. the best thing about college football is the marching bands. for some reason, pro teams don't even have marching bands.