Monday, November 24, 2008

Things I can knit in a day

A hat!

Black Lion Brand Homespun yarn (acrylic/poly blend). US size 10 dps.

Pattern adapted from this one (MM likes his hats on the plain side and he has a small, round head, so I went with a basic 2X2 rib and didn't do as many rows)

Cast on 72 stitches, join up dps (no twisting!). {P1; K2; P1} for 30 rows.

Decrease as follows (odd rows are as KT gives them, even rows are my own notation):
Row 1 - {K2tog; P1; K2; P2; K2; P1; SSK} six times (60 sts remain)
Row 2 - {K1; P1; K2; P2; K2; P1; K1} to end
Row 3 - {K2tog; K2; P2; K2; SSK} six times (48 sts remain)
Row 4 - {K3; P2; K3} to end
Row 5 - {K2tog; K1; P2; K1; SSK} six times (36 sts remain)
Row 6 - {K2; P2; K2} to end
Row 7 - {K2tog; P2; SSK} six times (24 sts remain)
Row 8 - {K1; P2; K1} to end
Row 9 - {K2tog; SSK} six times (12 sts remain)
Row 10 - Knit to end
Row 11 - K2tog six times.
Cut yarn, leaving long tail, and cinch through remaining live stitches.
Pull through and weave in ends.

KT added some great curly cues to the top, but as I said, MM takes his hats with no nonsense*, so I didn't add them. The decreases came out great. I highly recommend KT's method!

*MM changed his mind about the nonsense, but his nonsense of choice is a big ol' poofy pom-pom. Done!

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Magpie said...

Can I ask a dumb question? Can you do this in the round with the P1 K2 P1? Does that somehow just stack up right to make the ribs? I am a knitting novice.