Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To the Powers That Be at the cafeteria at ThreeMilesFromHome

  1. It makes sense when selling discounted refills on coffee if you buy the environmentally friendly refillable cup, to actually charge less than what you normally sell the coffee for.
  2. The point of an on-site cafeteria is to tempt workers to eat on-site so that they take shorter lunch breaks. This is undermined if you charge retail prices for your food. Seriously, what's with the $6.00 burger? Considering that it's a quarter-mile walk to get to you in the first place, you might wanna reduce your prices.
  3. Also, your oatmeal is too watery
  4. And where are the Boston Creme Donuts? Bring back the Boston Creme Donuts!!!
  5. Why are you charging $1.50 for the same size bottle of Coke that I can get from the vending machine right next to your door for a buck?
  6. And finally, they're called steamer trays for a reason. They're not called lukewarm trays.


Dr. Corndog said...

And where are the Boston Creme Donuts? Bring back the Boston Creme Donuts!!!

You're not working for the CIA, are you? Because I can't think of any other organization that could come up with a punishment as cruel and unusual as this.

I've heard rumors that at Gitmo, they give the prisoners either coffee or dunking sticks, but never both at the same time. Bastards.

Ramblin' Red said...

The last time I ate cafeteria style was at the dormitory of my university. And I'd like to keep it that way for the same reasons as you post.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

This is SO petty of me... and you know I'm LOVING my new job... but your minor complaints about ThreeMilesFromHome's caf make me feel oh-so-slightly better about NOT getting hired there in the spring.

liz said...


I like my co-workers and all, but they don't have your sense of snark.

Eva said...

At my old corporate job (actually I still work there, just from home, but anyway) we had a corporate cafeteria, too. And it was notoriously crappy (but pretty cheap). Everyone in the office was divided: Corporate Cafe is gross! Don't go there! or (and I was in this group) Grilled Cheese Sandwiches at any time!!!

At my husband's old job they had this amazing cafeteria with a grill place, a salad bar, international food, pizza, etc. It was very impressive. And no one ever spent more than 4 bucks for a whole meal.

jenn said...

Why do all cafeterias do such a poor job at food?

And you can get pop for $1.50 or $1? On campus we can't get it for less than $2.25. But they are not worried about productivity, they are worried about ripping off a captive audience.

Which is why I bring my own lunch. HA!