Friday, November 21, 2008



26 years old, no one she knows gets her sense of humor and her only eligible suitor is "worthy" and a dead bore.

Along comes "The Wicked Baron", Damarel. He's got a scandalous past, but he always laughs at her jokes, and never asks what she means by them. He doesn't expect her to have friendly feelings towards her late unlamented father. He respects her horse-mad, book-worm younger brother and doesn't treat him like he's made of glass just because he's got a short leg.

So what's the problem? That's what Venetia would like to know...

I don't recommend the edition I linked to up at the top. It's a Harlequin and has advertising in the middle, which causes the spine to break and the pages to fall out. Get this one from instead.

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