Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bullets of I love reading to MM

  • He always asks questions that Rowling answers in the very next sentence.

  • He really pays attention and anticipates what might happen next.

  • He loves when I use different voices for different characters and thinks my Professor Trelawney is spot-on.

  • Some words he has asked the meaning of: smirk, sneer, vaguely, tatty, briefcase, shabby, disdain, disgust, loathing, mutter, vulture, orb... (Extra credit, class! What chapter did we read last night?)

  • He got really excited when he realized that the creature on the cover was a hippogryph.

  • He loves to discuss with me the proper pronounciation of the magic words. Here's an excerpt of an actual conversation we had last night:

"I think they're short "u"s, Mom, because there's no silent E
or other helping vowel. See? It's CVC!"*

"But I think it's a long u followed by a short u, because it's
CVCVC! So the second u makes the first u say its name."

  • Sometimes he asks me to point to what I just read and then reads it again himself, trying to use my inflections.

  • He knows I know he could read the books himself**, "But you read faster than I do and besides, I don't know what all the words mean and I like when I can ask you."

*The stuff he's learning in first grade is awesome. He has to divide his spelling words up into categories: CVC (consonant/vowel/consonant), CVCe (consonant/vowel/consonant/silent e), CVVC (consonant/vowel/vowel/consonant), and Oddball. On his spelling tests, he has to mark the long and short vowel sounds. I NEVER had to do this. He's also doing sentence corrections. I don't remember doing that in school, either. With my dad at his job, yes. At school, no.

**He's reading the latest Magic Treehouse book for independent reading at school.


Genevieve said...

so so so cool!! LOVE this kind of thing about reading to kids, and especially when they ask such smart questions! MM is awesome.

Hmm, which chapter . . . the one with Prof. Lupin teaching the class about boggarts?

liz said...

DingDingDing!!!! Genevieve (honey, you REALLY need to get yourself a blog!) wins it!!! Your prize is...A Yes We Did sticker next time I see you.

Mummy/Crit said...

Wow, his school language stuff sounds awesome. D doesn't do any of that kind of thing in grade 2 here, he knows about vowels and consonants though, and I caught him reading James and the Giant Peach to himself last night jsut before I came in to read it to him!

Genevieve said...

Yay, I would love a Yes We Did sticker!

jenn said...

How can he be reading, he is 2 years old.


He's two... or maybe MAYBE three. Okay, three and a half.

Please sneak a kiss in on his little wonderful face for me, m'kay?