Friday, December 12, 2008


These (beautiful! sincerely, they are beautiful) socks will be the death of me.

Ways in which I have sucked mightily making these socks:
  1. Lost most of the original instructions, but was saved through the amazing generosity and kindness of the author.
  2. Knit half a sock leg in my normal twisted stitch (how the twisted stitch became my normal one is a story for another day) and found out that cables look not so great in twisted stitch. Did not want to rip. Knit second half of sock leg in flat stitch.
  3. Used #4 needles on ribbing as decreed. Switched to #6 for leg also as decreed...for knee socks. I am knitting the short sock. I was supposed to stick with the #4's.
  4. Started knitting second sock's leg. The ribbing looks TOTALLY different in flat stitch. Do I redo it in my twisted stitch? Or do I just keep knitting because these are already not going to be anyone's present this year.
  5. I have already decided to knit this leg in #6's because I'm NOT reknitting the other leg. I'M JUST NOT.

WAIT!! WAIT!! Perhaps I haven't screwed up as bad as I thought. I can knit the knee sock!

No, wait again. I already did the fireplacing decreases for the ankle shaping. I'd have to rip about 2 inches and then knit 10 more......

Help me, internets, you're my only hope.

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