Saturday, December 13, 2008


I was reading The Yarn Harlot who was talking about her Christmas knitting schedule, which was set up for her by her friend Lene, who has her own blog called The Seated View, and she pointed me to a site that I swear is waaaaaay better than Amazon.

Lene also linked to the 100 most often misspelled words, many of which give me heartburn.

You're welcome!


Sue said...

The list is fairly complete isn't it? All the big offenders are there. At the bottom of the page are the most mispronounced words as well. Those were fun too!

susan said...

That dutch store site is very, very funny. I clicked on the link to open it a new window from Sage and while i was still in sage, I was thinking WTF? what are all those annoying noises? It was the very, very funny noises to go with the funny commercial graphics!