Monday, February 16, 2009

Because I am occasionally tight-fisted

I made MM's Valentine's cards to hand out to his class this past Friday.

They consisted of: 2 pieces of clip art (a wizard's hat and a magic wand) put on the upper-right-hand side of a normal 8.5X11 sheet of paper + WORDART (flipped! Upside down!) on the lower-left-hand side of the same sheet of paper that read "Have a magical Valentine's Day! From [MM's real name]"

Then I folded them all in quarters and MM addressed them.

I KNEW there was a good reason we have at least 6 kinds of printers in the house!


Fairy Berry said...

You're such a good mom. I bet MM loved it!

We would just buy the store ones!

I am so glad I don't have kids and I am out of public school.

We need to talk about lunch this week. Thursday works best for me!

kathy a. said...

most years, we ended up with hastily-bought store cards. better years, we made our own -- but being dinos, we couldn't do computer graphics. we relied heavily on doilies and stickers.

ya done good!

Anonymous said...

We have six kinds of printer, but one kind of mommy: the smart kind.


Anonymous said...

Actually, we also have these kinds of mommy:

the sweet kind,
the cute kind,
the clever kind,
the hard-working kind,
the loving kind,
the loved kind,
the lovely kind,
the funny kind,
the motherly kind,
the womanly kind,
the sexy kind,
the thoughtful kind,
the forgiving kind,
the fair kind,
the patient kind,
the tough kind,
the supportive kind,
the beautiful kind,
the playful kind, and
the perfect kind.

Among others.


kathy a. said...

aww. he's a keeper, all right.

liz said...


Genevieve said...

yay MS's comments!

KLee said...

You should bottle MS. Really. And good for you on the Valentine's. I fell down on the crafting front this year, and just gave away Crayola color-your-own ones this year. Though I DID teach a class that involved chunking out a treat box on my Ellison machine and decorating it, then filling it was pink, white, and red M and M's. So, I didn't *totally* drop the ball.

Good thing that Offspring is "too cool" for Valentine's. I wouldn't have had time to make any for her.

jenn said...

If you want to save this for next year, I thought this was adorable!!

Okay, my word on the last post was barkshed and now it is hydro. These are WORDS!