Thursday, February 05, 2009

Flashback Friday - It's The Inner Beauty That Counts

Anne asks for some of our more awkward looks. I haven't got much in the way of older pictures scanned in yet - I really need to do that! But I think today I will take as my theme...

Hairstyles I Have Worn With Pride

The "Puli"

You may remember this one from "The Horror, The Horror!" I had blocked out the lower half of my face on that post to preserve anonymity, and to hide my teeth. Please note that showing my horrible teeth in this picture is a sign of my growing maturity. I like my teeth much better now, but I was going through an "avoid the dentist" phase at the time.

The "Yes, I Washed It, But I Didn't Use Mousse"
This hairstyle comes and goes with me. I'll cut my hair short, and keep it short for a few years, then grow it again. When my hair is short, my bangs ALWAYS do what they are doing in this picture unless I take drastic measures.

And my current favorite:

The "Those Frizzies Were There Before I Started Going Grey,
And I'm NOT Dying My Hair So Deal With It"
This is what my hair looks like when it's not short and I haven't put it in a french braid.

The spiral perm (and btw, those two words get more people to this site than any other, with "mushroom risotto" as a close second) had a run of 3 years back in the 80's. Not pictured: The Dorothy Hamill from 2nd grade, and the short version of the puli (aka, The Poodle Puppy).


Madeleine said...

I also had the Dorothy Hamill in second grade (or thereabouts) and now sport the aptly-named "Yes, I Washed It, But I Didn't Use Mousse." Except on the days I don't wash it.

One of the things I love about my current hairstylist is she never offers to put goop in my hair. The previous person (who I also loved) took a couple of years to train on that.

Anonymous said...

Gods, but you look good in all those pictures.

My current barber is the best I've ever had, but she always ends each cut by taking a straight razor, holding it up behind my head, looking at me via the mirror, and asking if I want her to shave my neck.

Yeesh! First, don't hold a straight razor over my head. Second, don't ask permission to use it on me. And third, don't mention that I have a hairy neck. I mean... Ick.

Anyway, Hon, I love your grey. I never knew I would, but I do.


anneglamore said...

I guess EVERYONE had the Dorothy Hamill at some point. I tried the Farrah, too, but fell FAR SHORT.

kathy a. said...

i didn't have the dorothy hamill. i did have a few "body permanents" in the 1970's-80's -- one of which made me look like a poodle when i got my one and only short haircut since third grade [when our mother took us in for "trims," then told the sylist to "give them all pixies"].

the pixie was not my best look. either was long hair, actually, since my original hair was fine and flat as a board, so it stuck to my head and hung there looking limp.

age and the advance of gray hair has done wonders for me! my hair has some body!

Madeleine said...

He's a winner. I think you should keep him.

kathy a. said...

what madeliene said.

Eva said...

It's funny what sends people to sites. For me it's "baby leg warmers."

You looked honest and happy in the pics. :)

ccw said...

I rocked a spiral perm in junior high. I look like a flippin' poodle in my 8th grade picture. I cannot believe that I wanted or that my mom paid for me to look that way.