Thursday, February 19, 2009


MM agreed to take apart his Lego structures if we pack the pieces into ziptop plastic bags with the instructions. "That way, I can put them back together when we get to the new house! And that will be fun."


Madeleine said...


The putting together is Snuggly Girl's preferred Lego activity. She hasn't touched her ship/plane/fireboat much since she go them assembled. Next time we have a few hours to use up, maybe I'll suggest dismantle-rebuild.

kathy a. said...


my son collected so many legos during his career that they all ended up in a huge rubbermaid tub. i believe a lot of the old instructions are in there, too. he is 21 now, and when he housesat for us a few months ago, he built this enormous fortress/castle!

i will be in big trouble if i don't keep that particular bin for when he finally gets settled.

Rebecca said...

My brother (he's 27) still has MANY constructed Lego projects in his room at our Mom's house - they were moved much in the same the one time we moved growing up.