Friday, February 20, 2009

I love my neighborhood forums (fora?)

I listed a bike trailer and our old futon "Free, but you have to pick 'em up!" on Wednesday night. Got eight replies on the bike trailer and one on the futon. They were both out the door by 4:00 PM yesterday.

The bike trailer guy also took our Sit-n-Stroll off our hands. I'll be listing more as we clear out.

Question: should I list clothes I was going to donate or should I donate them? Donating means I have to deliver them. OTOH, listing them means having to be around for someone to come try them on.

In other packing news, I've packed up all my summer clothes and thrown away all my stained clothing.

Tonight will see me packing up MM's summer clothes and sorting out the ones that are too small for listing on the forums (fora?). Kids clothes are much easier to give away, dontcha think?


esperanza said...

Since you're asking for advice, here's mine. I'd donate your clothes. For MM's clothes, I'd group them by size. No coming and trying on and just taking what you want, like a garage sale. Nope. If they're free, you take this whole bundle/bag/whatever. They're all clothes for boys in 4T, or whatever.

And I have no idea what the plural of forum is.

kathy a. said...

what esperanza said.

Fairy Berry said...

Well whatever you do with the clothes...I still can't believe you are moving! I will miss MM in that house. I need to google map your new address!

Give MM a hug for me!

liz said...

Fairy Berry, the new house is closer to where you live and work.

Esperanza, excellent advice!

Anonymous said...

As it turns out, there appears to be some disagreement regarding "fora" versus "forums." Have a look at this blog for a discussion that will settle the nagging question of whether or not anyone else has more free time on their hands than people posting here do. (And note the entry by David Fickett-Wilbar for a favorite sub-topic hereabouts.)


susan said...

What esperanza said on the clothes.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

D'oh, I should've asked to take some of MM's clothes. Every week, either AB or ALB tears a hole in his sweatpants.

jenn said...

It would rather silly to suggest packing up MM's clothes and shipping them north, eh?


We have a local place here that does pick-up. Otherwise I like the bag idea - "Free clothes in X size - take the whole bag"

And you'll certainly get takers!