Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Great moving tips!!!

  • Take this opportunity to bring your coats/suits/dresses to the dry cleaners to get cleaned and/or mended. Bring them from the old house to the cleaners and then pick them up after you've moved.
  • You really DO NOT need that hotel receipt from 2002. Throw it away.
  • (avid readers only) If it's been on your shelf for over two years, and you haven't read it yet, you're not going to. Hand it on to someone else.
  • Give away the toys your child hasn't played with in years. Be honest with yourself if you are only giving away the ones you hate. If there are toys your child is unwilling to part with (coughLittlePeoplecough), but never plays with anymore, try to compromise (put them in storage if you can or give to a younger relative if you've got one or ask Grandma if she can take them. Hey, Mom? Can you take a box of Little People toys?
  • Use this moment to really really be honest with yourself about your clothes. I don't care how cute it is or how much you loved it, if it doesn't fit/is stained/you just never wear it/it's SOOOO 1990's then throw it out or hand it on. In my area, The Resourceful Woman is a great place to hand these things on...it benefits the local abused women's shelter and especially needs suits and blouses.
  • Keep a box ready for packing in every room of the house. When you wander into that room, pack the box before you wander back out.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

I must tell you that I was delighted to discover this summer that my little people had survived ~10 moves over 30-something years (as well as my 3 little sisters) and were sitting in my mom's garage awaiting the birth of a grandchild. Plus they're the old skool wooden ones. So, sometimes holding on to a few old toys is not such a bad idea.

I like the cleaners idea for an in-town move. Brilliant!

Eva said...

We're trying to get rid of stuff beforehand. But it's so hard.

San Diego Moving Company said...

These are some great tips. Having your stuff pre-packed helps as well. So when the moving day does come, all you have to do is load up and leave.

liz said...

San Diego Moving Company, thank you for your comment, which I'm letting stand since you're not spamming.

This is the way to comment here, service sellers!