Sunday, March 01, 2009

The more I pack, the more there is to pack

Packed books and toys and there are still more books and toys to pack.

Need to do the kitchen. Oh Lord. Need to do the foodstuffs in the basement.

Need to do MM's room

I bribed him to let go of the changing table/dresser in his room. He's getting more Lego. We'll keep the fronts of the door and drawers because of the sticker collage (much more elaborate now than in this picture from over three years ago.)

We're also keeping the baskets for his underwear and socks. They're going in his closet.

Today we parted with an armoire, a bookcase MS built, and a blanket chest we built together. It feels good to get them gone. Why do we wait to move to get rid of stuff we don't need?

Meanwhile, the wind is wuthering about the house. Four to eleven inches of snow due by tomorrow morning. I'm guessing I'll get a call from our local school system at 6:00 AM to let us know that school's been canceled.

What's up in your neck of the woods?

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kathy a. said...

my daughter's sticker collection is all over her bed. she has not yet decided to part with it, even though she is all grown-up 'n everything!