Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random bullets of I'm Forty

  • Thank you for your birthday wishes!
  • Not feeling the big-dealness of this b-day, because I've been thinking of myself as forty for months now, since MS turned the big FIVE OH last October.
  • Yes, that's how I calculate my age, I'm MS minus ten.
  • I can't believe I still chew on my fingers. I'm forty. Time to break that nasty habit.
  • OTOH, there are worse habits and I haven't got any of them.
  • I really enjoyed myself yesterday...waking up to chocolate and cards and then spending the day down in Richmond doing committee work. I really like the woman I carpool with to get down there, she's smart and funny and doesn't take herself too seriously.
  • MM and I finished reading HP & tOotP last night. Boy, that's a hard book to read aloud. Those last three chapters involve a lot of throat clearing and tissues.
  • Talk amongst yourselves.
  • I'll give you a topic.
  • Mallomars or Thin Mints? Explain your reasons.
  • I'm back.
  • And now we know what movie we'll be watching on the train up to NYC for Dim Sum with the family.
  • Mmmm...Dim Sum.

Don't forget that I'm taking requests for blog topics in exchange for donations to the campaign!!! As Dr. Corndog, Susan, and others have already found, donations of any amount are very very very welcome. Obama got mostly donations of 10 & 20 dollars! So please, please help us out.

Thank you!



Anonymous said...

Maybe you've posted it somewhere else on your blog but I'm curious where you and hubby met ... happy birthday.

liz said...

Anon, email me your initials and I'll post the story.

liz said...

liz AT millerhousehold DOT com

Madeleine said...

Welcome to the 40 club! We're honored to have you as a member.

Also, Thin Mints.

To me, crunchyy is an essential part of the cookie eating experience, except for warm chocolate chip cookies.

Though if you follow the mallomars link and scroll down to "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" there are some interesting possibilities suggested.

Halloween said...

happy birthday!!

kathy a. said...

thin mints. chocolate, minty, crunchy. also, no marshmallow.

Songbird said...

Happy Birthday!

liz said...

Aha! You fell into my cunning trap. The real answer is "both" Mallomars, obviously are dinner, what with the presence of the healthy graham cracker. Thin Mints are dessert.

3carnations said...

Mallomars remind me more of candy than a cookie. If I'm simply looking for a cookie, thin mints.

If I'm paying for them, Mallomars. Girl Scout cookies are so expensive I feel guilty enjoying them!

Ramblin' Red said...

Well then, Happy Birthday!

I am Liz minus 10 in age :) At least in May. And I am not freaking out about the milestone b'day either - in fact I am rather looking forward to it - hoping 30s will not be as tumultuous as the 20s!

Hmmm....I don't like your cookie choices, I don't do marshmallow, save for in krispy treats, and Thin Mints are just kinda "meh" in my book. I loves me some good ole fashioned choc chips, molasses cookies, and/or Samoas if we're talking girl scouts only.

Mummy/Crit said...

A belated happy birthday. I'm staring that one down in August (and my bloke is 7 years and 2 weeks older than me) and kind of wishing I was still, Oh, I don't know - 35? Good to hear about your move, and your campaigning, but I don't think I'm allowed to make a contribution. Also I don't know any of your cookies. All my favourites are regional - Mint Slices (choc cookie, a layer of mint cream and then all dipped in chocolate) and Tim Tams, as long as they're dark.

Miche said...

Happy birthday young lady!

Andrea said...

Happy happy Birthday!