Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stuff I am learning

  • I have to take my antibiotics 4 times a day at precise times. Yesterday, I knew I'd be away from home at noon, so I took my pill with me in the morning. However, I was surprised to find myself still away from home at six so needed to rush back to take my medicine. (I was supervising clean-up at the old house)
Lesson learned: I have to take an extra pill with me even if I'm sure I'll be back in time.
  • The cafeteria is a long way away from my desk at work (embedding was goofy). I work in the far-right-hand building. The cafeteria is in the big central one. It's a half-mile round-trip walk. And, while normally it's not a problem for me - I'm a pretty good walker! - right now it's exhausting. I have no idea how folks who are facing mobility problems do it.

Lesson learned: Bring my food from home for a while.

More lessons posted as I learn them.

1 comment:

Beth Fish said...

Dude, I worked there for YEARS! I was always on the other end from you, but the walk to the cafe. still suuuucked.