Friday, May 29, 2009

Where you can find me this weekend

  • Tonight: Handing out lit at the Herndon Festival. Then sleeping.
  • Tomorrow: At MM's skating lesson, then handing out lit at the Herndon Festival, then co-hosting a women-only event for Jody Wagner (if you're in my area and want to come and meet Jody, let me know!), then attending an event for the League of Conservation Voters. Then sleeping.
  • Sunday: UU Services if I wake up in time, then handing out lit at the Herndon Festival (this is probably the best day to come by if you want to say hi!), then the FCDC JJ Dinner. Then sleeping.

    We will gladly accept help handing out lit at the Herndon Festival! Please let me know if you'd like to pitch in! Here's a picture of me doing something similar 2 years ago. Handing out lit is always a fun time.


kathy a. said...

liz! busy busy good weekend!

take breaks, OK?

Madeleine said...

Sleep lots.

Anonymous said...

The Herndon Festival 2009 is coming!Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 28 - Sunday, May 31.
Now, the first time I went to the Herndon Festival was many years ago by pure accident, when we ordered a pizza to pick up from the middle of Herndon and didn't realize the festival would make getting there and back almostimpossible. In the hours it took us to retrieve dinner, I got a good look at all the goings-on. Lots fun for the whole family , even the littlest ones. Be sure to park and take advantage of the shuttles so you don't repeat my pizza debacle. Shuttles stop at Worldgate Shopping Center and Herndon High School.
Online map here:The Herndon Festival-map