Monday, June 22, 2009

Last days...first days

MM's last day of first grade was Friday. He's sad that Ms. LovesTheHokies won't be his teacher any more, but is very pleased with his experience as a first grader and is ready for summer camp.

The stuff he learned this year just amazed me: they started on multiplication (he knows what 7 * 9 is!!!) I don't remember doing multiplication until 3rd grade, but then again, I went to a somewhat strange elementary school.

His handwriting and spelling are miles above where they were last year.

And he's just the sweetest little big guy in the world.

Today he starts summer camp at Posh Place. The new camp shirts are great: tie-dyed orange, white, and blue in big stripes. There's no way these kids are getting lost on field trips.

It's Monday, and that means they're going to a water park today. I don't remember where they're going tomorrow and Wednesday. This Thursday they're going to the restaurant with the pizza-serving, singing rat. Thursday night, I'm going to scrub him in water as hot as he can stand, with lots of soap, and then I'm gonna make him gargle. He is NOT going to come down with Upchuckie Sneezes.

Starting in July, they'll be having swimming lessons on Friday. This is yet another reason I love PP. I asked at the end of last summer if they could provide swimming lessons this summer, and they asked other parents if that would be something they'd want too, and they worked it out. I love that they listened and responded so well to my request.


Andrea said...

Already. Wow this year went by fast.

Sounds like he's going to have a fun summer. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you scrub him and cleanse him like that when he gets home from daycare each day, too?

liz said...

No, just when he goes to that germ-infested intro to gambling.

kathy a. said...

yay! and now with swimming lessons!

without question, there are many reasons to disinfect after visiting Snort E. Sneeze. it's been at least 10 years for me, but i kind of needed a quiet padded room afterwards, too -- and so did my bouncing-off-walls kids.