Monday, June 08, 2009

Virginia Primary Day TOMORROW

I'm voting for Brian Moran for Governor and for Jody Wagner for Lt. Gov.

While I like all three candidates for Governor, Moran and I agree on more issues than the other guys and I.

And I've already told you about my lovely conversation with Jody.

Wednesday will see me happily packing the winners' lit into a bundle with ours* no matter who that is, but today I'm asking you to go tomorrow and vote for Brian and Jody. I think they are the best choices for the job.

*Look at the fun time we had at the Herndon Festival!!

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FSG said...

I'm still deciding on Gov. between Moran and Deeds. Like you, I seem to agree more with Moran on the issues, but I also really like Creigh, even when we disagree on things. But Jody definitely has my vote. Go team!