Friday, June 26, 2009

Yes, it is ON, plus link to details of a fun event!

Mr. Spock did ninety-SIX doors last night. Huh. I'll out-walk him this weekend, yes I will!

I'm gonna walk his shoe leather off. It is so on. He can't outwalk the Doorbell Queen and get away with it!

In other news, I spent the evening cozily in the Campaign office with two bright young campaign staffers burning up the phone lines to let folks know about an event Tuesday night. MM patiently played with his DS and ate Oreos while I said this over and over and over:

"Hi! MysteryMommy calling to invite you to an event that the Dulles Area Democrats are hosting for my husband, Mr. Spock! Mr. Spock is running for the House of Delegates against RepublicanIncumbant this year! The event is this coming Tuesday night from 6:30 until 8:30 at our friend ReallyGenerous's house in Herndon. His address is (details here). Steve Shannon, Ken Plum, and Sharon Bulova will be co-hosting the event - along with many others! I really hope you'll join us. Please call (RSVP number) with any questions or to RSVP!"

Left lots of messages and talked to some really nice people. If you're in the area Tuesday night, come and mingle!

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