Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Doing Doors in the Rain

Was still fun and rewarding, but involved complicated fussing with the rain poncho which slowed me down. Also, it was too hot to wear the poncho and I got sweaty, so I took it off and just carried a few sheets at a time with me and just enough literature for those sheets' doors. 'Cause the literature was getting wet and puckering.

Fortunately, the rain stopped after the first street. But then the mosquitos came out. And they LOVE me. Yum yum!

So, for tonight, I'm going out there bathed in bug repellent - and you'd better believe that I'm doing doors rain or shine. Bugs or no bugs. Because I AM the Doorbell Queen.

65 doors last night.
87 the day before.
588 total in 8 days.


Madeleine said...

Were you singing? You know, in the rain?

kathy a. said...

of course she was!