Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Seen while getting the car scrubbed

...the weirdest commercial ever. At lunch time. On a Summer weekday. On CNN. For a product the purpose of which I thought was not able to be talked about on television during daytime hours. Which I will not be using the name of here.

I believe it rhymes with Decks Kens.

This was an "HBO shows this feature only at night" commercial, people. And it was at lunch time. On a Summer weekday. On CNN.

I am........



Jennmgan said...

I hate it when networks do stuff like that. HATE!

Er, I can't figure out the product though. It could be that I'm still technically asleep and have not yet had breakfast.

Andrea said...

I can't figure it out either. I am either hopelessly out of the loop or far too innocent or both.

You've got me very curious, though!

liz said...

It's called


liz said...

But it's spelled differently from that.

kathy a. said...

eeeewwwww! ew ew ew. see, my spam filter takes care of that kind of stuff on my intertubes.

Angie said...

All those KY commercials are really too much as well if you ask me. There once was a time when certain subjects had a place AFTER 9pm on the air. Whatever happened to that rule? Oh, and the other morning when Steven was up at 5am? And turned on the tv? Soft Porn. I was scrambling to distract him and change the channel. WTH?? All he wanted was to listen to the Wiggles while he had some yogurt. It was wiggles alright. :/