Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The truth about doing doors

My favorite doors are apartments. They go really fast and you can spend more time talking to people who are home since there's less time waiting for someone who isn't to answer.

My least favorite are two-level homes without doorbells. I never know if I've knocked loud enough.

My least favorite walk sheets are the ones where there is a lot of walking and not so much doors.

My favorite walk sheets are the ones where you can park your car once and chart a path that has you knocking every door without retracing your steps EVER.

If you weren't home when I knocked on your door, you'll know it was me who came by if, on the literature that was left rolled up between your door knob and the jamb, there's a note that says, "I'm sorry I missed (your name)!". And a little dash and my name and an arrow pointing to my face in the picture of Mr. Spock, MM, and me.

I love talking to people on my walk sheets. My favorite encounters are with folks who are out gardening or washing their cars or walking their dogs. I like being able to stop and chat with them without having to ring the doorbell to summon them from what they were doing.

I don't know how many doors I'll knock by the time this is over, but I know I'm going to savor the time walking outside, meeting nice people (and some grumps), and having stories to tell.


susan said...

It's just so fascinating to read about your transition into political life--so much work, so constantly! I'm proud of all of you at a distance. What does Muffin Man think about all of it?

ccw said...

I have enjoyed canvassing every time I have gone. Sure there are some people who don't appreciate the intrusion but most people are very nice and like to take a moment to talk.

I love how devoted you are to helping out for all of the candidates in your area. Although I'm sure it feels even better to do it for your husband and family.