Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The doors! The doors!

The poor things are being so neglected. Our sitter, a wonderful woman who works at Posh Place, has been ill and the doors aren't getting done*. Which is actually okay since I have a deadline here at work. Which makes me ask, why am I posting?

Procrastination. It's like guilt you make yourself.

*by me. Mr. Spock is diligently door-knocking.


3carnations said...

Procrastination? I thought I was the queen of that. Don't try to take my title. :-)

Andrea said...

"Procrastination. It's like guilt you make yourself."

I am saving this, and maybe putting it on a t-shirt.

my word verification today is 'potiness'. Hmm.

ccw said...

Andrea's right, that would make a great t-shirt.

You're the queen of door knocking so I imagine there they won't be neglected for long.

liz said...

Feel free to put it on t-shirts and coffee mugs. If you do it, would you send me one?