Monday, August 24, 2009

The Truth About 200 Doors

  • No matter how comfortable your shoes are, after 200 doors, your feet will hurt.
  • No matter how cool and breezy it is, after 200 doors, you will be sweaty and stinky.
  • Wearing an Obama '08 shirt saves time at the doors. People who love him and people who hate him declare themselves immediately.
  • It's much easier to find people who will volunteer for a campaign on a beautiful sunny breezy day.
  • Ground-floor-entry town-homes are still my favorite.
  • Two 32-oz bottles of Gatorade are not enough for 200 doors.
  • The Thermos Hydration Bottle works beautifully. I left it in the car while walking (my walk was broken up into pretty separated locations) and even after hours in the car, my gatorade was still icy cold. The lid locks down so that it doesn't inadvertantly flip open in your bag, but when you do flip it open, it stays open without needing to be held. I love it. Will buy many many more as gifts for the campaign staff and volunteers. (I bought mine at Wegman's. Thermos has neither solicited nor paid for this review.)
  • Next time, I'll start earlier and see if I can do 250.


kathy a. said...

200 doors! woot!

hope your tootsies got a nice soak.

Madeleine said...

Does your last hourly average of 28.57 refer to these 200 doors? Because if so, that is a lot of hours. Wow.

liz said...

Yes. That last hourly average is my 200 doors. And, yes, it was quite a few hours. In my second pack, I did 60 doors in one hour. That's why ground-floor entry town-homes are my favorite.

ccw said...

That is a lot of doors! I am beyond impressed. Certainly the doors are no longer feeling neglected.

Eva said...

Wow, that's impressive.

It sucks you have to specify you are not shilling.