Monday, August 10, 2009

Yesterday was hot. Really, really hot

Maybe not Texas hot, but hot nonetheless.

I had 2 packs of doors to get through. One, a pack of 59, the other, a pack of 53. Single-family detached, one-car garages. I finished the pack of 59 in a bit under three hours. And I was soaked through. Drank 3 bottles of water on that walk. It was HOT. Except when it was breezy. The breezy was nice.

Then I went back to HQ for a meeting, looking as wilted as a corsage three days after prom. Ate a sandwich. Drank a vitamin water. Went back out into the fiery sunshine to do more doors, passing SturdyCampaignStaffer as he came back from doing nearly 100 doors ("mostly apartments").

I did another 29 in a bit over an hour and then had to stop for the day to pick up MM from the sitter's house.

I was soaked through again. Had gone through another bottle of vitamin water. I was a limp rag doll.

It was hot.

But I did 88 doors. I wish I had gotten through all 112, but I did 'em. Today it's hot again, and I'm going to finish up the last 24 from that pack I didn't finish yesterday and then I'm going to pick up another pack and get 'em done.

Because I am Mrs. Intrepid Campaigner, Queen of the Doorbells! SturdyCampaignStaffer out-canvassed me yesterday, but I WILL earn the title!


Madeleine said...

Maybe prioritize the apartments on the hottest days? Take care and happy knocking!

liz said...

(To the tune of "Children Go Where I Send Thee")

I go where they send me.
I know not how they send me.
Well they're gonna send me to one-car-garage single-family Detached
Lord, Lord, it's hot out there today.

kathy a. said...

you are the champion, my friend. and you'll keep on knocking, till the end....

the heat sounds really miserable. i have these cooling neck-wraps -- they look like very narrow cotton scarves, but have this gel stuff in the part that goes around the neck. interested?

also, mom sez: good for hydrating! are you wearing a hat?

liz said...

v. interested in cooling neck wraps. And yes, I do wear a hat. And sunscreen!

esperanza said...

Color me impressed.

And Texans tend to stay in the air conditioning rather than tromping around neighborhoods in the heat of the day. Other than that, I have no Texan wisdom. People who work outside swear you get used to it.

liz said...

Here's what Chris's kids are doing in 104 degrees.