Monday, October 12, 2009

Bullet Points of a Busy Weekend

  • Breakfast with MM. Delicious soft-boiled eggs at his request.
  • Dropped him off at the babysitter's, where he was greeted with cheers and fawning adoration by her 4 YO nephew.
  • Went to Sterling Fest. Handed out tons o' literature, met Paradox13VA (and became an inarticulate gibbering fan girl - I love meeting bloggers I admire. Especially unexpectedly!)
  • Knocked on 77 doors, gave out (and planted) 4 yard signs.
  • Picked up MM from the sitter's, where my arrival was greeted with groans of disappointment from the 12 or so children jumping on the back-yard trampoline.
  • Went home.
  • Had dinner.
  • Fell asleep.


  • Out to a local restaurant for breakfast (bagel and lox, mnmmmm!)
  • A rousing game of Clue (MS won)
  • Lunch (ham & cheese sandwiches)
  • Took MM to see The Flying Karamazov Brothers, whom I first saw when I was his age. He loved them almost as much as I do. Alas, we forgot to bring a challenge object for the Champ to juggle. MM got a set of juggling balls. Much of their show is new, but they still had some of the same routines from when I first saw them. They are delightful.
  • Sushi for dinner.
  • Bed.


kathy a. said...

sounds busy, but wonderful!

Stesha said...

Your weekend was much better than mine. I spent both days sick in bed on Facebook and Twitter.

Hugs and Mocha,