Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a BUY-cott!

Please ask your school's library to order Love Ya Bunches for their Scholastic Book Sale. And then buy it. Buy two. Buy seven.

Because Scholastic needs to learn that families come in all shapes and sizes: some have a mom and a dad; some have just a mom or a dad; some have no mom or dad, but a grandparent or other guardian; some have two moms or two dads; some, like my family of origin, have two moms AND two dads. They are all still families, and they should be represented in books for sale at the fair. Especially if a book WOULD have been represented if the family had heteronormative parents.

When I was young*, I loved reading Paula Danziger's books, especially The Divorce Express (I still have my autographed copy), because it was such a joy to see MY FAMILY represented in a book (the main character, Phoebe, has parents who share custody - and their starting custody arrangement was the one my family had for my entire childhood)

So join the BUY-cott! Ask for Luv Ya Bunches, and then buy it.

*Who am I kidding? I still read it at least once a year!

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Sarah said...

Will do!