Friday, October 16, 2009

Muffin Man

  • Writes long, complicated sentences.
  • Knows what 300 squared is.
  • Loves math and does his math enrichment packs without any help from me. Unfortunately, he's not so hot about reading instructions. Fortunately, he's in great company in his class. (I grade the math enrichment packs - the mistakes he makes were common to a third of the class. They looked at the picture examples instead of reading the instructions.)
  • When asked by a voter why they should vote for his dad, piped up with "Because [the other guy] voted against the stimulus package!"
  • Is pretty happy to go with us to various campaign shindigs as long as he's got his DS with him and has eaten or can have food at the event. He finds a corner, settles in, and sometimes joins the conversation.
  • Is less happy about the amount of time spent with sitters while I do doors, but doesn't want to do doors with me either. He's pretty darn pleased that the election is less than 3 weeks away.
  • Will be a bit scruffy for school picture day next week because he's growing his hair out for Halloween. He's going to be Harry Potter.
  • Has had his desk moved at school because he has a tendency to stand up while doing his work (still leaning on his desk), and is a bit chatty (but in all fairness, his teacher said, he never STARTS the conversations. The problem is, he also never finishes them.) She's fine with him standing up, but he needs to be where he doesn't block the view of or bump into other kids. He doesn't seem to mind having been moved.
  • Thinks that since he was born in the middle of Winter, he shouldn't have to wear a coat. buzz! Wrong answer! Actually, I make him BRING a coat, but I don't make him wear it.
  • Hates tags in his clothes.
  • Is the most snuggly 7 year old on the planet.


Gary Oxford said...

What a cool teacher, that lets him do his thing in a way that doesn't distract the rest of the class. And what a brilliant, cool kid he is, with the complex sentences and the high level math and the nascent political activism. Wonder where he gets all that from?

kathy a. said...

yay, MM!

Genevieve said...

Overall sounds marvelous! Seconding Gary on the cool teacher. (and MM's not the only one - the kiddo apparently has a tendency to stand at his desk while working, which makes sense as he's in near-constant wiggle motion at home, rarely sitting still - is MM like that?) Very cool on math and writing, and that he doesn't mind going to the political events (important skill for him!). Three cheers!

Mummy/Crit said...

I love your lists of things, it sounds like he's going really well!

I wish D had had a cool teacher like that when he was 7. Instead he got one who doesn't deal with boys very well, and particularly doesn't like him much. And he got her again 2 years later. Grrrr.