Friday, December 04, 2009

Gifts for the whole family

Labyrinth card game: we love this game. Easy to understand and play. MM wins at it regularly. MS and I play it on our own sometimes.

Make and Break: Lots of fun. Not so great for the easily frustrated. We've actually developed some house rules because the top-of-the-box rules can make for a melt-down if one family member keeps rolling a 1 and picking complicated patterns (not that that would ever happen or if it did that I pouted about it for more than 5 minutes).

Guess Who Extra: MM got this for Hanukkah from my aunt and uncle. It got played pretty much non-stop Friday and Saturday and Sunday.

Spooky Manor for the Wii: Wii game for up to 4 players. We really enjoyed this, but it was over pretty quick.

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