Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's a two coat day.

Today I wore my Land's End Primaloft jacket (discontinued, it seems. At least, I can't find it on their site) under my 10-year-old red JC Penney pea coat. My torso and arms were mosty toasty, but my legs were complaining bitterly of the cold.

Seems that my lovely pants were not adequate to the job today. I should have broken out the long-johns.


Magpie said...

That is why I bought a calf length down coat last year. It's like wearing a sleeping bag.

Madeleine said...

In college I got a long coat and amused all my friends by crowing about how warm my thighs were.

Today I wore my snowpants to walk Snuggly Girl to the bus stop. It was -11 C. (Which is 12 F.)

We love the Land's End jackets with removable liners. SG has the one with a full down liner so that we don't have to argue about sweaters. In your climate, the one with the less-downy liner might work.

Which reminds me, I need to stand up from my chair and get ready to go to the mall to return the inferior mall-brand jacket we aren't keeping. I figure the mall will be nutty today but worse next week, and I'd hate to lose that much money by forgetting to return it.

Eva said...

You are freaking me out about Sweden. Here we don't even need a jacket right now! I'm wearing 3/4-length sleeves!

susan said...

I broke out my calf-length down coat today, too (which I got before a trip to Russia a while back).

I was thinking of you (and your nephew) tonight--I just started a fabulous-so-far biography of Anna Leonowens (as in the King and I): Bombay Anna, by Susan Morgan. A fascinating read.

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