Friday, January 29, 2010

Attention: My Canadian Readers!

Have you had a procedure done under general anesthetic? Then you probably got a pelvic exam at the same time, even if your procedure had nothing to do with needing a pelvic exam.

Do you know what this would be called if the woman were given roofies? Rape.

First reported at The Globe and Mail, sign on to the petition against it at The Bad Mom's Club.


Madeleine said...

This is the first time I've been ashamed of the Canadian health care system.

Thank goodness I haven't had surgery.

My word verification is appropriate: pernish, like pernicious.

Jenn said...

What I've been unsure of through a bit of poor reporting (I usually love the Globe and Mail) is if this something that *tends* to happen with surgeries that would require a pelvic as part of the process. Reading the comments someone has identified themselves as one of the authors and confirmed that it isn't a gaggle of med students, but rather the student who is already assigned to the case and has met the person, etc. Also, it sounds like most of the time the surgeon is doing a pelvic exam to confirm various issues of the surgery and then they let the student do an exam as well to get the experience related to the surgery.

Drilling down into the details, it seems not quite as horrifying. Understand that I still think the article will have these details confirmed and that policy will be altered (I hope).

I just wish the reporting was more clear and a little less with the hyperbole. One student who is part of the case, a surgry that would already include a pelvic exam by the surgeon... it leaves too much unreported. Are we talking about women going in for a mole removal and having a troop of med students peering into their vag or was that just *implied* to give it more gut churning horror?

**with all that said, I like knowing this is even something to push them on and confirm policy!! thanks Liz!**