Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sweater stalled

That Beautiful purple tweed is too slender to ever get gauge on that pattern.

The yarn I have that will achieve gauge is stiff, itchy, and in a color I'm not enamored of. Which leads me to the question: why do I have this crappy yarn in my stash?

I think I may have inherited it from someone.

Why didn't I give it away when we moved?

I didn't know it was quite that itchy.

Boy howdy.

So I have a beautiful purple tweed yarn and no pattern for it, and a beautiful pattern and no suitable yarn.

Methinks I need to make a trip to the yarn store.

Maybe I'll cast on for a vest for myself out of a black tweed silk/wool blend I found in the stash (not enough for that sweater, darn it!) if I can find a vest pattern I like.


kathy a. said...

is there such a thing as a yarn exchange? alternatively, i donated bunches of yarn that i was not going to use to a group that does lap rugs/small blankets for people who are ill.

Madeleine said...

While I know you don't need yet another social networking site, there's a place where you can find oodles of patterns that fit your beautiful purple yarn . . . or advice on how to adjust the cardigan pattern to work with the beautiful purple yarn. Or a list of yarns that have worked well for that pattern. Or a thousand other things you'd really like to knit and now you are a mess of quivering indecision. I think you know what I mean: it's time for Ravelry.

And yes, people trade and sell yarn there, too.

liz said...

Yes, it is time to join Ravelry.

Madeleine said...

Oh good! Find the Pixie Stitch and Whine and you can read all about my knitting disaster du jour.