Sunday, May 02, 2010


From this:

to this:

MM got a new 'do. His choice. He loves it!


Anonymous said...

We always go to "Unique Reflections" in Herndon where Kevin Jones, my personal appearance consultant, performs the artwork. My boy hopped up into the chair, four-inch-long mop and everything, and Kevin asked him, "How you want it?" My son said, "Cut it all off!" Kevin asked me, "He wants it real short?" I said, "Yup." Kevin said, "How low?" I said, "You heard him." Kevin said, "Really?" At which point I showed him this picture, and said, "It kind of all started with this guy." And so that's what he got.


Jody said...


It is the season for this, though, isn't it.

Looks good!