Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lego kit 7662 was discontinued

It was $103.00 in stores three years ago and MM has saved his money until he had enough to buy it. Now that it's discontinued, it sells for over $400 in the collectibles market.

MM is sobbing.

I feel so guilty for not having gotten it for him three years ago. I didn't know they discontinued them.



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Poor boy, and poor mom!

3carnations said...

I get the feeling we are about to go through the same thing. My son has been saving for a $100 Lego set, too, and he is $20 away. In the last month, we've looked in various stores, and NONE of them have it. Hubby and I don't know exactly which one he is talking about, but once he has the money, we will look online so he can show us which one.

If it's not available, I know he will be frustrated, but there are enough other cool ones out there that I think he will be okay with it in the end.

So sorry for your son. If you don't find that one, I hope he finds a reasonable substitute. I know firsthand how serious Lego Star Wars toys are to little boys.