Monday, August 09, 2010

The search for a green ballpoint

If you want to buy a green ballpoint pen at Office Depot, you need to buy a pack with at least 3 other colors, none of which are black, blue, or red.

It was the one thing on the list of school supplies we didn't get.

Last year's pen (bought in a pack with purple, pink, and orange - which we use for Clue), will have to do.


Elizabeth said...

I'm a big fan of writing a check to the PTA and getting a bag with everything on the list at the open house. PTA makes some money; I don't have to drive around; win-win.

liz said...

My friend tells me that boxes of green pens are available at Staples!

Anonymous said...

I called the chairman of the school board, who had school-aged children, to ask where he got his green pens. No reply yet.

kathy a. said...

yeah, but do you want a whole box of green pens? [purple, sure. i can use those...] the sharing or PTA options make sense.