Monday, August 23, 2010

Thinking about my Grandpa Emeritus

He died three years ago this month (Fifth of August), and I'm missing him.

On Sunday, the pastor at our UU congregation gave a really moving address about the cathedral of the world, and life and death. It was something my grandfather would have enjoyed listening to.

Here's a post I wrote about a conversation I had with my son during one of our last visits with my grandfather.

I really wish people we love could live forever.


Martha Hoverson said...

I never had a living grandfather, but I often think about how much I miss my dad and wish I could hear his views on the world right now.

Val said...

"Delurking" (I think) to say I'm sorry and will be thinking of you. And your description of him as "an eternal sort of person" just captures it so well. I feel that way about my grandparents who died in 2001. (Surely they have always been here?! And will always be here!?!) It's hard.

kathy a. said...

((( liz ))) and ((( MM ))) and everyone.

it's coming up on 7 years since my dad died, and the kids and i still miss him lots. he was their only grandpa. i am delighted to still see flashes of him in them.